permitted development - what is it?

Permitted development rights are a more relaxed version of planning permission. It’s not granted by the local authority but by parliament. Permitted Development grants rights to enable homeowners to undertake certain types of work without the need to apply for planning permission, providing your house is not located in a Conservation Area, for instance.

Whether you’re building a porch in your front garden, or you’ve opted for a kitchen extension at the rear of your property, PD rights can help you avoid the need to apply for full planning permission which can ultimately save you much needed pennies and a lot of time!


The scope of your Permitted Development rights are varied and cover both internal and external works, but there are strict design criteria that need to be adhered to. If your project falls outside of the set criteria, then it is likely you will need to submit a planning application.


What can you build under Permitted Development without planning permission?


Some home improvements that you can make under PD can include the below as the effect on neighbours or the surrounding environment is likely to be small:


          Building a small rear extension within certain limitations — this includes both single storey extensions and double storey extensions


          Building a porch less than 3m2


          Changes of use, such as loft conversions, garage conversions and basement conversions

Internal alterations, such as knocking down internal walls.


          Installing microgeneration equipment such as solar panels (apart from wind turbines)


          Installing satellite dishes and erecting antenna


          Adding rooflights or dormer windows


What Can’t I Build Under Permitted Development?


If you plan on building a new house or creating a new dwelling by subdividing another property, for example, it is likely you will not be covered by your Permitted Development rights and you will need to make a planning application.


Similarly, if you want to make changes to a listed building or property in a designated area, then it is probable that Permitted Development rights will be restricted. Always check with your local planning authority before starting to work.


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