Architectural Design

Often architectural design is not given the weight it deserves regarding the positive impact it can have on a build project’s outcome and resultant value.

It is difficult to provide a measurement of the benefits of a good architectural design but the holistic inclusive approach that base Architects adopt as an architectural design consultant cannot be dismissed when the fundamentals of great design are properly understood and applied.


Far too often architectural design is not given the weight it deserves regarding the positive influence it can have on a build project’s outcome, financially, aesthetically and ultimately, it’s resultant value.

It is difficult to provide a measurement of the benefits of a good architectural design, but good architectural design pays for itself, saving time, money and mental health.

For our clients, all projects start with an idea.

When we start a project we are often given a brief, but in reality this is more a “list of wants”. Sometimes it is just a list of rooms, and sometimes it is a collection of images, but most often it is a combination of the two.

One of our first jobs on a project is to turn this “list of wants” into an “architectural brief”. The purpose of this exercise is to solidify what our clients want, need and aspire to in the design of their home or work space.

One of the major considerations of any build is the site on which it sits.  Each site will have its own unique set of restrictions that needs to be thoroughly understood. It is imperative that local planning and building status matters are understood from the outset.

As part of our collaborative approach, the team at Nett Assets constantly takes part in internal design reviews to ensure that the lead designer is challenged to look at all possible solutions and is making the most informed choices to develop the proposal.

Once we are confident in the outcomes developed by our lead designer, you will be invited to participate in a review of the architectural design solution that we have created.


Nett Assets have been fortunate enough to be awarded multiple accolades over the years that acknowledge our high-end design skillsets from listed building Through to high-end contemporary design in both the private and commercial sectors.

We retain a strong portfolio of projects that allow us to promote ourselves as a multi-disciplinary practice, delivering private properties, hotels, leisure and retail.

With a carefully selected design team in house, we look to challenge both ourselves and our clients’ decision-making to ensure that any design is both right for our clients but also gives flexibility for the future.

What to expect from an initial consultation with Nett Assets

Within any consultation it is imperative that we get to know a potential client, understand their aspirations and consider what constraints and other factors would need to be addressed within any potential design concept.

Design is an exceptionally subjective topic, but there are always factors such as scale, mass and positioning that directly influence a good or poor design.

Our consultations look to address this by physically reviewing the site in question alongside its surroundings. From this initial visit and engagement will form the basis of an appraisal so that we are able to advise our potential clients on options, approach and project requirements.

With our planning & application services we can also look to manage the project team and collate all the documentation required for the appropriate planning submission. Should you have a planning agent already appointed we can very comfortably work with your existing team focusing on the architectural package of works.

Following an initial consultation, we will put together a formal proposal that will clearly break down your initial project brief and how we would look to approach and deliver your project.

What our clients say

“Jonathon has delivered us a fantastic design to be proud of and managed the whole process from submission to the granting of the planning permission very professionally and promptly allowing us to start work on our new showroom on time. His approach is first class and someone who we can depend on and trust with his honest approach and always at hand to speak to. We truly felt and still feel like a valued client and have highly recommended Jonathon at Nett Assetts to many of our private clients, friends and family.”