Listed Building

Listed Buildings

Listed Buildings are designated as such by being awarded a status that ensures the preservation of structures with strong architectural and historic interest, whose qualities are deemed to be of national or international importance and therefore requiring legal protection. Over 2% of the UK’s building stock is made up of Listed Buildings, and these constitute a large percentage of historic cities such as London.

Although it is most common for older buildings to be listed, as there are often much fewer remaining examples of historic Architectural periods, listed status is also given to more modern buildings dating from 1945 to present. Nonetheless, buildings less than 30 years old are very rarely listed as they are yet to stand the test of time, and as such the selection process for relatively young buildings is rigorous and selective.

As experienced architects Nett Assets can advise on design possibilities to unlock the potential of your heritage assets, often incorporating modern insertions. We undertake a careful examination of the existing and regularly work with specialist consultants in order to put forward compelling cases to renovate and reuse these historic properties. The removal of more recent, poor-quality extensions and reinstating historic character, with traditional methods and materials.

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Large red brick listed building