Master Planning

As society become increasingly aware of the need for coherent and sustainable living environments, effective urban planning and development has become a high priority. Our broad ranging technical master planning services help develop urban areas in a holistic, integrated manner resulting in healthy, safe places in which people can thrive, communities can grow, and the environment can flourish.

Why choose Net Assets for master planning?

We frequently work with developers who appreciate the value of design in the creation of their sites, maximising space and opportunities thus increasing their desirability and viability within the market place.

Understanding requirements such as affordable housing, public open space and community factors (schools, doctor surgeries etc) are paramount at early stages to ensure that a master plan concept is fully considered and delivers a cohesive, finished community.

With our passionate and forward-thinking mindset our projects provide benefit to both new and existing communities.

Realising complex urban systems

Communication and understanding of a wide range of disciplines is critical to successful master planning, which is why our ability to integrate specialisms is so appreciated by our customers.

Let’s help you to realise development potential with our deep knowledge of the constraints and opportunities involved. We identify key risks and advise on options for their improvement as well as providing the spectrum of knowledge required for the development of all kinds of urban, suburban, former industrial and greenfield areas.  We ensure that all of our planning concepts are not only up to date but also flexible for the future.

What our clients say

“I have always been pleasantly surprised at the speed and accuracy of Jonathan’s work. He has an excellent grasp of construction and planning issues and his solutions show innovation and, above all, a profound understanding of the underlying commercial realities. He has been the ideal Architectural partner for our operation.”