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Nett Assets, Architectural design & Development consultants, is dedicated to helping its clients maximise the potential within their properties and land, by combining expert design, planning and project management skills with a unique commercial insight. The business was started by Jonathan Tucker, building on his thirty years of experience in housebuilding and residential development.

Our commitment to transparent architectural practices, timely project completion, and regular client engagement is a source of pride. Our vibrant and passionate team is dedicated to providing innovative and personalised design solutions that meet the demands of today and anticipate the needs of tomorrow.

Latest Projects

Discover the true value of your property or land… and more importantly its potential value.

While many people view property value solely through the lens of a surveyor or valuer’s report, the reality often lies beneath the surface, where only a trained eye can detect subtle changes.

Instead of settling for a superficial assessment, why not let our team of Architectural design & Development experts provide you with a complimentary evaluation of the untapped potential within your property or land? Contact us for an obligation-free conversation or to schedule a site visit at 01923 293117.

Why Choose Us?

With over 30 years of industry expertise and a proven track record of delivering exceptional outcomes, we are well-equipped to help mitigate any financial risk associated with your project. Our approach involves developing initial sketches and designs and then calculating a price based on the profits that can be generated from your property.

Our mission is to unlock the full value of your property by creating detailed plans and drawings and identifying and collaborating with the ideal contractors to meet your specific requirements. By overseeing the entire project, we guarantee that you receive the optimal results and maximize the value of your property or land.

What our clients say

“I have always been pleasantly surprised at the speed and accuracy of Jonathan’s work. He has an excellent grasp of construction and planning issues and his solutions show innovation and, above all, a profound understanding of the underlying commercial realities. He has been the ideal Architectural partner for our operation.”