Contract Administration Services

During the construction period, we provide checks and measures to ensure that the quality of build we have designed for you is adhered to.

Nett Assets can offer full contract administration services that protects our client’s interest and ensures that the delivery of the project is in line with their priorities, whether that’s time, cost, or quality.


Knowledge of how a project is to be delivered is absolutely vital to choosing the correct contract.

Management control, complexity, risk, quality of build, scale, phasing, time constraints and cost control require evaluation in terms of their importance. Once understood, the correct procurement path and contract that best suits the project can be chosen.

Design and build contracts will usually be managed and administered by the principal contractor onsite. The management contracting route is typically client-controlled and requires the client to have a solid construction knowledge and understanding of health and safety matters. The traditional route is typically a contract administered by the building designer or architect.

In terms of contract administration, Nett Assets usually advises on the traditional route where there is a suite of contract types written by a variety of associated bodies such as the RIBA, JCT and NEC which are used to control the delivery of the project.

Why choose Nett Assets for contract administration services?

Unlike a big impersonal corporate company, we pride ourselves on having a personal, hands-on approach during the onsite stage of works.

We have worked with a multitude of contracts and can advise clients of their contract options accordingly.

Based on our superior design skills we can also ensure that whilst administering the onsite contract, workmanship and execution of the client’s design are fulfilled, and the project does not become diluted in any part.

With a innovative and focused collaborative management style, we work closely with contractors, subcontractors and suppliers to ensure that the best service, finish and experience is given to every single one of our clients.

What our clients say

"Top Quality Service with Speed at a Very Competitive Price Really good to work with and kept us informed throughout the process. The drawings are exactly as we required and very competitively priced. We have been really impressed so far by the standard of the work done. Communication has been quick and easy. I would not hesitate to recommend this company's services."